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‘Critically inclined’
The Hindu
The film appeals for attention…it gently nudges, cajoles you, beseeches you. Before long you realise it has gripped you completely. A truly enriching venture that opens a little window to the multi-layered world of Pabitra Kumar Deka.
Ziya Us Salam, Film Critic, India 
‘By-Lane2’ is director’s perception on Pabitra Kumar Deka, Asam’s pioneering Cine-Journalist    
The Telegraph, India
What a beautiful poetic touch to the entire narrative…. I loved the way the camera introduced me gradually to Pabitra Kumar’s world…..loved the direction, the camera movements, sound and the stunning lighting to create the mood, feel and the rhythm of this golden period and reflect the life of this inspiring personality.
Vidyut Latay, Film Maker, Los Angeles
A beautifully crafted lyrical film which within its short span, speaks volumes about a man considered to be treasure house of knowledge and information of Assamese as well as world cinema.
Bitopan Barbara, Film Critic, India